Contract Sales

  • CSO – Contract Sales Organization

    • Novel tried and tested CSO strategy and model in China – founder pioneered the Novamed model in 2006-2011.
    • Nuance has secured a leading China basedmanagement team.
    • Founder and core team pioneered the AstraZenecagrowth modelin 2002 – AZ China is currently the leading Rx MNC in China.
    • Successfully launched and developed anew modelCSO in 2006, Novamed which partnered with leading MNC’s Sanofi, Pfizer and Baxter. Pioneered an unparalleled MNC legacy brand transition and growth model via this new model.
    • The company is focussed on buildinghospitaland notchanneldemand – strong record of buildinghospital demand.
    • The company employscompliance driveneducation and promotional model across hospitals and pharmacies in China.
    • Employs a precise and accuratebusiness intelligencemodel when implementing commercial plans in China – strongtargeting & segmentationplatform approach.
    • Strongbusiness continuitythrough staff retention andbusiness intelligence.
    • Compellingcommercial and strategic rationale for companies topartnerwith Nuance.

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